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About Us

We are experts in the distribution of both popular, non-specialized and specialized, hard-to-get lubricants for every industry.

We can help you choose and purchase products of practically any company that has lubricants in their offer. We are happy to establish cooperation with retailers, workshops, shops, and any entities willing to sell such products to their customers.

Our highly qualified staff can boast years of experience in the industry. If you choose us, you get expert advice, professional customer service, and assistance in every matter concerning products in our offer.



Texaco oils and greases (Havoline, Ursa).

Texaco automotive lubricants - engine oils, transmission oils, lubricating greases, brake fluids, coolants.

Texaco industrial lubricants - engine oils, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids, multifunctional fluids, compressor oils, insulating oils, transmission oils, heat transfer oils, turbine oils.

Oils and greases

For many years now, we’ve been delivering engine oils for passenger cars, delivery vans, trucks, and machinery equipment; marine lubricants; and industrial lubricants for practically any application.

Marine Oils

For many years, we have been a distributor for the marine and the shipbuilding industry. We offer engine oils, transmission oils, compressor oils, hydraulic oils, and other lubricating greases and greases used on ships, fishing vessels, tugboats, tankers, and oil rigs.

Industrial Oils

We offer flame-resistant hydraulic oils, transmission oils, compressor oils, vacuum pumps and refrigeration compressor oils, turbine oil, circulating oils, machinery lubricants, electro-insulating oils, industrial lubricant greases, and other.

Automotive Oil

We offer engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic-transmission fluids, greases, operating and calibration fluids.

Agricultural and construction machinery

We deliver engine oils, universal oils (STUO), transmission oils, hydraulic-transmission oils (UTTO), hydraulic oils, operating greases and fluids.




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